You've Been Boo'd- Neighbor Gift


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Hey!  We know you're busy and the last thing you want to stress about is putting together a BOO gift for your neighbor.  We gotchu mama!  We put together a cute, low budget option for you to gift! 

Boo Gift Includes:

- Lesser Evil Popcorn -Family size 

- Black, felt bat garland in bag with ghostie tag

- You've Been BOO'D sign

- We've Been BOO'D instructions 

- Wrapped with ribbons and bow


Let's go in time for a minute shall we?  Its Halloween week, you're making dinner as well as juggling a makeshift sewing job for your kids halloween costume they are supposed to wear to a party the next day.  While you're sewing and your kid just tried to poor themselves a glass of milk that ended up all over the floor, you hear a knock at the door.   You of course rush to the door in hopes your UPS man is leaving you a box of happiness. When you open the door, you look down to find a delicious plate of cookies placed on top of a paper.  Before picking up the paper to see what it reads, you already know what it is - YOU'VE BEEN BOOED.  While walking back to the kitchen, cookies in hand (and maybe one already in your mouth) We all know what you're thinking "CRAP"  I don't have time to wash my almost 7 day old dirty hair let a lone 'BOO' the neighbors.  Well well well, guess what!?  Drum roll please.....Thats when we (My Pink Box Co) pop into the picture!   "Oh wait!  I already got my BOO gifts all ready to go thanks to my pink ladies.   All I have to do is drop it off on someone's porch!  And thats exactly what you did.  And when we say "you" we all know it was the hubby.  We ain't about to  door bell ditch someone so we can pee ourselves as we are running back to the car as fast as we can because #joysofgivingbirth; while the neighbor will rewatch it as a Sunday funny  because everyone and their dogs (literally most peoples dogs have a pet cam) now have camera doorbells!  I'm out of breath just writing this but just do yourself a favor and order the ready to go BOO gift!  Thank you and good night. *