Halloween Cookie Gift - Pumpkin



We LOVE Lehi roller Mills products!  For a fun gift we wrapped up our favorite cookies mixes up so cute and spooky! Don’t want to gift it?  We totally get it!  Single boxes available as well. 

Gift includes: Cookie Mix wrapped up in bag with ribbons, tag and flag. 

About this product

With Lehi Mills Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie mix, your favorite fall treat is now available all year round!

You heard us right - a delicious batch of cookies with subtle pumpkin flavor and decadent chocolate chips all from a mix. It's also such an easy pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe! If you want to make this treat, you'll have to keep pumpkin cans on hand, but that shouldn't be a problem for those who are pumpkin spice fans. You can also add white chocolate chips or cinnamon to the batter to mix things up a bit.

Order a mix today and celebrate pumpkin season 365 days a year (assuming, of course, that you have cans of pumpkin in your pantry as that is not included in


Sugar: Made in the USA

Let your creativity loose with this American classic cookie equivalent of an artist's blank canvas.

Sugar cookies are no longer just meant for the winter holiday season; instead you can bake and create just about any cookie you can imagine. Roll the dough in cinnamon sugar to make snickerdoodles, add sprinkles for a festive birthday treat, or top a cookie with buttercream frosting and an animal cracker; any way you decide to make it, Lehi Mills Sugar Cookie Mix is the perfect blank slate for any cookie creations.

Order a bag and begin baking memories in minutes.