Have A Nice Daisy Box


Have A Nice Daisy Box includes:

- Pink Daisy Socks

- Daisy Necklace

- Donut Soap

- Dried Flower Wrap

- Lemonade Sour Rings

- Flower Money Change Purse 


*Product Descriptions:

Candy Kiss Donut Soap by Nectar: Adorned with a delicious pink cookie and cute, yellow star on top of a dollop of whipped cream, this donut is infused with a perfect blend of pink sugar and cotton candy aromas. Handmade in the USA, plant based, paraben free, sulfate free. 

Beaded Daisy Necklace: brass beads, L: 16" E: 3.50"

Socks: One size fits most with this stretchy and soft cotton material.  White and yellow daisy flowers printed on all parts of the ankle sock.