Hey! My name is Lu!  My name is actually Alyssa but I’ve gone by Lu since I was a little girl.  I am married to my best friend Colton and together we have two little turds: Evelyn (we call her Evie) who’s four and Harvey who just turned three. Yep you read that right…they are 18 months apart.  I love to celebrate and I find any kind of excuse to do so!  My Grandma is a big party lover so I definitely got that from her.
My loves:
  • Chocolate chip cookies – my favorite chocolate chip is definitely a CHIP cookie
  • Jazz music – And country and a old school pop and hip-hop so pretty much all genres
  • Baths (I take one every single day)
  • Minky couture blankets
  • The mountains – especially in the fall
  • Watching my kids eat (serious weird obsession)
  • Flowers – I usually always have a bunch or two of flowers in my home at all times
  • Italian food – give me all the pasta and bread
  • Road trips – have really only been to California but there’s just something about blasting music and eating junk that is so fun
  • Fall candles – I burn them all year long
  • Trashy reality shows – Housewives of Beverly Hills are probably my fav
  • Disneyland – Its the most magical place on earth, tell me I’m wrong.

 Wow did I just explain a typical Utah mom? Yes. Yes I did, and I’m proud of it!

I have always had a love and need to create.   When I was just a young girl I would rip up my moms magazines and save all the pretty home decor and DIYs in a binder. (Before Pinterest of course) I had a wedding, flower and an interior design binder from magazines like  cottages and bungalows, romantic home, better home and gardens. Oh! And of course Martha Stewart.  I have always dreamt of the day I would have my own home I could decorate and hopefully a business creating some sort of beauty.
Thanks for being here! I am so excited to have this space and meet so many more freinds!
 I Hope you know you can always come to me to chat!




  Hi everyone! I’m Megan. Thank you or coming to our space. We are so    passionate   about what we’re doing. Lu and I have been friends for, well, since forever!  We go way back to our junior high days. I’m so excited to bring you guys unique   one of a   kind   pieces! Being able to create and make my space beautiful truly brings me joy.

 A few things about me:

  •    I love the sunshine (put me on a beach with my husband and kids and I’ll be content forever)
  • I love to travel. I love being able to see the world. My favorite place I’ve been, is a tie between France and Italy. The cobble stones streets and architecture gets me every time. But my favorite place thats close by me is Lake Powell. It does something for my soul.
  • I love a good Diet Coke (and yes, there’s good and bad Diet Coke)
  • I love to listen to podcasts. Thank heavens for podcasts! They’ve been my therapy many of times.
  • I love to workout. I found my love for working out about 3 years ago and I go almost every day. What they say about working out is true, it does wonders to your mental health. It really has helped me to be a happier more present mom.
  • I love being around the people I love! My family and friends are so important to me.
  • I love food! I’m a big foodie, just ask my husband and friends. Whenever there’s a get together, I want all the good food. Preferably Mexican.

Im married to my husband Sean, we have been married almost eleven years! Together we have three beautiful little girls, Zoey 5, Lizzie 4 and Ruby 10 months. My family is my world!