We have been having warmer days here in Utah but lets be honest, it's still butt cold.  Those days where it's too colt outside I'm always looking for something to do with the kids so they're not in front of the tv the whole day.  We made chocolate covered marshmallows and my kids were in heaven!  Its a cheap activity that takes some time (but not too much) that kids your kids entertained for a bit.  

What you'll need:

- Large Marhshmallows

- White melting chocolate (or if you don't want to dye the chocolate with food coloring then you could even buy the colored chocolate wafers.) I found my chocolate at my local grocery store, but I know most craft stores sell it too.

- Food coloring

- Candy sticks:  I found these at my local craft store too (Hobby Lobby in the cake section)

- Toppings: I got sprinkles and cereal 



First up, melt your chocolate!  If went the white chocolate route I found it was easier to do only a couple of bowls at a time.  I wanted my colors pretty pastel so I only did a drop of food coloring but you can obviously add as any drops as you would like.  Then place your large marshmallow on your candy stick, dip in your melted chocolate and then add your toppings!  Easy peasy! I then just placed them on a cookie sheet to dry but they only need a few minutes to harden. Wether you add a few chocolate marshmallows to your stick or just one, its such a fun treqt for the littles. (Even though most of them ended up in the trash) 

Let me know if you end up making these and how it goes! Hope you make some happy memories with your littles!






March 03, 2022 — Megan Clark